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Peruvian Association of Mombusho Scholarship Students (APEBEMO)

Peruvian Association of Mombusho Scholarship Students (APEBEMO)



The Peruvian Association of Mombusho (Monbukagakusho) Scholarship Students, APEBEMO, is an institution of cultural, scientific and technological character. It is constituted by professionals of different specialties, who completed Master and Doctorate studies, or conducted research in institutions and/or universities of Japan, under the auspices of the Japanese government.


The idea of getting together in an association sprang up in July 1986, when some of the former Mombusho ex-scholars discussed the establishment of a Peruvian Association of Mombusho Scholarship Students, but it was not until February 1996 that APEBEMO was established.

One of the persons who encouraged that project was Mr. Pedro Villena Hidalgo, President of the National Board of Science and Technology (CONCYTEC), who had planned to create a network consisting of the various Peruvians ex-scholars associations, and carry out projects of technological and scientific development. Unfortunately he passed away the same year in an airplane accident.

On June 11th, 1996, the first Executive committee took oaths, and that day, the APEBEMO directory was distributed for the first time. That directory presented information about Mombusho Scholarship Students from 1960 (the first year that Japanese government offered scholarships to Peruvians) to 1995. The task of data collection was not easy, but it was achieved with the assistance of the Embassy of Japan in Lima, Peru; and the help of the enthusiastic former members.

In 1998, APEBEMO built its web page, at the beginning, using the Peruvian Japanese Association server. Three years later that page was renewed and used the new address This page presents Spanish and English versions, and not only Peruvians, but also people from all Latin-American countries and different parts of the world have continuosly visited it.

From the beginning up until now, APEBEMO has performed different kind of activities which were fostered by its members' voluntary work, companionship and wish to share their experiences and knowledge gained in Japan in order to contribute to the country development and to promote cooperation and mutual understanding between Peru and Japan.


  • To maintain and to increase relations of friendship between Peru and Japan.
  • To contribute to the intellectual development of the country, by means of the transference and adjustment of the scientific and technological knowledge acquired by its partners in Japan.
  • To spread and to promote the MONBUKAGAKUSHO scholarship in educational institutions of the country and between professionals interested in further studies and/or conducting research at Japanese universities.
  • To promote the development of academic and cultural activities designed to maintain and to increase between its members bonds of friendship, cooperation and participation.
  • To strenghten the relations of APEBEMO with other compatible institutions and organizations, through national and international events.


Our major activities are as follows:

  • Contribute to the diffusion and promotion of MONBUKAGAKUSHO scholarships, together with the Scholarship Section of the Culture Department of the Japanese Embassy in Peru.
  • Provide advice and guidance to scholarship applicants and holders about studying in Japan; basic courses of language and Japanese culture; and permanent support to scholarship holders who at the moment are studying in Japan.
  • Cultural exchange activities related to Japanese culture, such as those for origami (art of folding paper), kamishibai (telling traditional story tails), nihongo hanashikai (Japanese conversation meetings), etc.
  • Edition and publication of "Contact," a magazine that presents different topics about Japan and its culture through the experiencies that our members have had during their stay in Japan. Also, the actualization of the APEBEMO's Directory.
  • Accomplishment of the Shin-Nen-Kai (supper with APEBEMO members and friends).
  • Some protocol visits and meetings, such as the visit of the APEBEMO executive committee to the Ambassador of Japan and to the President of Peruvian Japanese Association.

Most of these activities are carried out with the cooperation of the Embassy of Japan in Peru.

The Annual Meeting SHIN NEN KAI
Sharing Japanese Culture at
the school
Seminar for New tecnologies in