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Planning studies in Japan

Colleges of Technology

Colleges of technology, or "kosen," are higher education institutions that offer a comprehensive five-year program (a five and half year program for mercantile marine studies) for junior high school graduates. As a general rule, international students start from the third year of the college of technology's program, skipping the first and second years,but there is also a private college of technology where you can enroll from the first year.

Unique features of the education system of Colleges of Technology

Kosen offer education programs that develop hands-on engineers who acquired world-class expertise and can handle the latest technology, with a focus on lab work, practical work and hands-on exercises as well as having advanced theoretical knowledge.

  • Though most departments in Kosen are related to the industrial field, department on mercantile marine that aim to develop mariners are also available.
  • Graduates of Kosen are awarded an "associate degree."
  • After a five-year curriculum, a two-year advanced course is offered to provide a further higher level of education.
  • A student who has successfully completed a two-year advanced course after his/her graduation from the college of technology will be awarded a bachelor's degree