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Life in Japan

Living Cost and Price

Price of goods

Prices of major products in Japan

Products Price
Rice (5 kg) 2,224 yen
Bread (1 kg) 621 yen
Milk (1,000 ml) 216 yen
Eggs (10 eggs) 222 yen
Apples (1 kg) 447 yen
Cabbage (1 kg) 118 yen
Carbonated drink (500 ml plastic bottle) 108 yen
Hamburger 180 yen
Gasoline (1 liter) 132 yen
Toilet paper (1,000 m) 643 yen
Movie ticket 1,833 yen
Taxi (4 km) 1,460 yen

Source: Portal Site of Official Statistics of Japan

The cost of living

The average monthly expenses (excluding academic fees) of an international student are shown below. The cost of living in metropolitan areas is higher than in rural areas.