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Why study in Japan?

Feedback from international students currently studying in Japan.

Why Study in Japan? Feedback from international students currently studying in Japan.

What is your reason for studying in Japan? (multiple answers possible)
  1. Obtain a degree
    50.8 %
  2. Work in Japan or get a job at a Japanese company
    45.0 %
  3. Acquire the skills and knowledge needed to get a job
    42.9 %
  4. Improve Japanese language abilities
    30.8 %
  5. Gain international experience and build connections worldwide
    23.9 %
  6. Come in contact with a different culture
    21.1 %
  7. Acquire an international point of view
    20.7 %
  8. Acquire cultivation and education
    20.6 %
  9. Conduct research in an excellent environment
    12.9 %
Why did you choose to study in Japan? (multiple answers possible)
  1. Interested in Japanese society, wanted to live in Japan
    61.3 %
  2. Wanted to study the Japanese language/Japanese culture
    44.3 %
  3. Found education and research at Japanese institutions, etc. appealing
    36.3 %
  4. Because the specialty or major I was interested in was offered in Japan
    23.7 %
  5. Wanted to come in contact with a different culture
    20.1 %
  6. Wanted to work in an occupation connected to Japan
    19.4 %
  7. Geographically close
    17.0 %
  8. Considered other countries, but conditions such as academic abilities and costs in Japan suited me best
    15.9 %
  9. Recommended by friends, acquaintances, families, etc.
    15.8 %
What was your impression of studying in Japan?graph(EN).png

"I was able to make many friends from Japan and other countries, actively communicate, participate in lots of extracurricular activities, and enjoyed a full lifestyle."

"I was able to engage in fulfilling research activities surrounded by fantastic researchers and in an outstanding research environment. Set clear goals and immerse yourself in research!"

"Job hunting in Japan is unique and it was difficult, but it was a valuable experience that enabled me to rediscover myself and truly grow."