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The Japan-Brazil Alumni Association in Brasilia (ABRAEX)

The Japan-Brazil Alumni Association in Brasilia (ABRAEX)

Forth Brazilian National Meeting of
Local Associations, March 6th, 2010

The Japan-Brazil Alumni Association in Brasilia (ABRAEX) aims to maintain alive our experience in Japan and deepen our cultural and academic relationship, publicize the scholarships awarded by the Japanese Government, organize and participate of cultural events, support new scholarship students before leaving Brazil and during their stay in Japan, and welcome them upon their return helping to find positions here.

We invite you to engage in one of the local alumni associations when you get back to Brazil. There are several associations just like ours all throughout the country. Contact details are available in our website: ABRAEX     Our union will help those students searching for information and guidance in this unique opportunity that is to study in Japan. In Brasilia, ABRAEX congregates both MEXT Alumni and JICA trainees. Some Brazilian associations in other cities have the same structure as well.

MEXT Scholarship explaining meeting,
March 5th, 2009

We are discussing and trying to create a broader network. We have already structured a database of our associates and are sharing this experience with the other Brazilian associations. We are waiting for you when you finish your studies in Japan. Please, contact us or one of the other associations closer to you.