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Philippine Federation of Japan Alumni, Inc. (PHILFEJA)

Philippine Federation of Japan Alumni, Inc. (PHILFEJA)

Philippine Federation of Japan Alumni, Inc. was founded as umbrella organization of five Filipino scholars alumni groups in 1976. PHILFEJA has promoted academic and cultural interaction between Japan and the Philippines and received the Foreign Minister's Commendation in 2018.

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Address Philippines-Japan Alumni Center, 823 Sergio H. Loyola St., Sampaloc Manila City, Philippines
  • Philippine Association of the Japanese Government Scholars. Inc. (PHILAJAMES)
  • JICA Alumni Association of the Philippines. (JAAP)
  • The Philippine Cultural and Technical Association of Returned Overseas Scholars (PHILCULTAROS)
  • Association of Philippine Private Alumni of Japanese Universities (APPAJU)
  • Samahan ng mga Pilipinong Nag-aral at Nanirahan sa Nippon, Inc. (SAPILNIP)


  • Provide support to academic and cultural activities of alumni organizations
  • Coordinate communication among alumni organizations
  • Promote scholarship programs
  • Attend and cooperate with the ASCOJA General Assembly and related activities
Awarding of Foreign Minister's Commendation(September 2018)