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In Niigata prefecture, you can enjoy various history, culture, nature, and food. In particular, it snows a lot in winter, so many people from all over the world gather to enjoy skiing and snowboarding.

Climate (temperature / precipitation)



Source:Japan Metrogical Agency

You can enjoy spring, summer, autumn and winter, all the seasons. Spring and autumn are very easy to spend. In summer, there are days when the temperature exceeds 30 °C. In winter, it snows a lot, but the temperature is often higher than 0 °C.

Cost of living


Foods recommended by locals


pic_dummy.pngRice is an important food culture for Japanese people. In Niigata prefecture, a lot of rice is cultivated. Among them, "Koshihikari" is a brand of rice that represents Niigata.

Le Lectier

pic_dummy.png"Le Lectier" from Niigata prefecture is a kind of sweet and delicious pear. It is very delicious with small quantity; thus, it is named as "The King of Pears".

Famous places / spots recommended by locals

Nagaoka Fireworks Festival

pic_dummy.pngThis is the most famous fireworks display in Japan, which is held in Nagaoka. The excitement of the large and beautiful fireworks of 20,000 shots will be an unforgettable memory.
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Takada Park

pic_dummy.pngIn Japan, you can spend a pleasant time watching cherry blossoms with your friends and family. "O-Hanami" is popular. In spring, at Takada Park, 4,000 cherry blossoms will be in full-bloom.
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