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Why study in Japan?

Feedback from International Students Currently Studying in Japan

Why Study in Japan? Feedback from International Students Currently Studying in Japan.

What is the purpose of your study abroad? (Multiple answers allowed)
  1. To work in Japan or to get a job at a Japanese company
    48.3 %
  2. To obtain a degree
    47.0 %
  3. To acquire the skills and knowledge necessary for employment
    37.1 %
  4. To become a more educated person
    26.3 %
  5. To improve my Japanese language skills
    25.7 %
  6. To gain international experience and make international contacts
    24.8 %
  7. To be exposed to different cultures
    20.8 %
  8. To develop an international mindset
    20.3 %
  9. To conduct research in a good environment
    12.1 %
Why did you choose Japan for your study abroad destination?(Multiple answers allowed)
  1. Interested in Japanese society and wanted to live in Japan
    64.1 %
  2. Wanted to study Japanese language and culture
    42.7 %
  3. Attracted by the education and research at Japanese universities
    37.7 %
  4. There was a specialized field I was interested in
    25.0 %
  5. Wanted to experience a different culture
    22.4 %
  6. Its geographical proximity
    17.7 %
  7. Wanted to work in a profession related to Japan
    16.3 %
  8. Recommended by a friend, acquaintance, or family member
    14.6 %
  9. Japan was more suitable destination than other countries in terms of academic ability and cost
    14.3 %
Are you glad that you chose to study in Japan? 英語満足度円グラフ.png

"The country is reputed for its level of hospitality. Many Japanese people have showed me more kindness than I can ever expect."

"I felt my research environment very comfortable, I can do experiments for my research with advanced facilities."

"My Japanese friends and supervisors are so humble and often helped me to solve my problem about studies or even in my daily activities."

Source: 2021 Lifestyle Survey of Privately-Financed International Students (JASSO)