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The north faces the Sea of Japan while Mt. Daisen spread in the south. The beautiful spring water from Mt. Daisen brings a sense of security to the lives of the locals.

Climate (temperature / precipitation)



Source:Japan Metrogical Agency

The average annual temperature in Tottori prefecture is about 14.9 ℃ and is considered as a pleasant climate. Precipitation is high throughout the year.

Cost of living


Foods recommended by locals


pic_dummy.pngA dish which boiled crab meat is sprinkled on top or mixed with vinegar rice, white rice or seasoned rice. It is popular as a winter food.


pic_dummy.pngYakisoba that uses offal instead of ribs. It is popular as a B-class gourmet in Tottori. Juicy offal are addictive!

Famous places / spots recommended by locals

Tottori sand dunes

pic_dummy.pngTottori Sand Dunes is one of the largest dunes in Japan! You can even ride a camel here. And together with the sand art museum on the premises, it gives you an extraordinary sight.
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Mizuki Shigeru road

pic_dummy.pngThe existence of "yokai" is special to Japan. There is also a shop where yokai objects and goods can be purchased in the hometown of Shigeru Mizuki, who made yokai popular.
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