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Hokkaido is famous for its prosperous agriculture and the aquatic resouses, which is taking advantage of its huge fertile land. Hokkaido prefecture won the first place on the "National prefectual attractiveness ranking 2018", and keeps its position for 10 years. Not only Japanese but also foreign visitors are fascinated by the attractions in Hokkaido. Special events are held on winter, and winter sports are so popular in Hokkaido.

Climate (temperature / precipitation)



Source:Japan Metrogical Agency

The climate features of Hokakido are cool and invigorating on summer and there are few days becoming above 30 ℃. In midwinter, It often snows heavily and the temperature might be below the freezing point for many days even in the daytime, and the minimum temperature is about -20℃. Warm clothes are necessary on this season.

Cost of living


Foods recommended by locals


pic_dummy.pngIt is a rice bowl filled with so much sea foods. In Hokkaido, seafoods are very fresh and delicious, and they are more inexpensive than other regions. Once you eat it, you want it more !


pic_dummy.pngEveryone loves ice-cream★ It is made from fresh milk from Hokkaido farms.

Famous places / spots recommended by locals


pic_dummy.pngOnsen (hot-spring) is one of the best tourist attractions in Japan. Noboribetsu-Onsen is quite popular tourists spot . Natural spring water warms your body and makes your skin smooth. In the fall, you can see red leaves during taking the hot spring !
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Mt.Hakodate Observatory

pic_dummy.pngIt is one of the three major night views of Japan. You will surely be fascinated by the beautiful view of Hakodate city. Ropeway is available for everyone to reach the top of the mountain, so never mind if you are not confident with climbing.
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