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Hyogo Prefecture is said to be the "microcosm of Japan". It is composed of various areas from large cities, agricultural-mountain villages and to remote islands. Through various climates and natural features, you can enjoy various leisure activities such as swimming, skiing and hot springs.

Climate (temperature / precipitation)



Source:Japan Metrogical Agency

Due to the wide area of the prefecture, the climate is varied. It is roughly divided into three areas: the Seto Inland Sea side, the central mountainous area and the Sea of Japan side. The Seto Inland Sea side is a region with little rainfall and is warm and comfortable. However, the Sea of Japan side is a region with a lot of cloudy-rainny days and snowfall in winter.

Cost of living


Foods recommended by locals

Kobe beef

pic_dummy.pngThe greatest authority of meat that is acclaimed by gourmet around the world. Fine and beautiful marbled meat. Softness that melts the moment you eat it. The mellow flavor is unbearably.

Snow crab

pic_dummy.pngThe Tajima area has the largest amount of snow crab landed in Japan. During the season, many people come to look for the taste of winter. The meat packed tightly inside the thick legs has the best sweetness.

Famous places / spots recommended by locals

Himeji castle

pic_dummy.pngHimeji Castle was praised for its aesthetic perfection, which is in the highest position of Japanese wooden architecture and is unique in the world. It was registered as Japan's first World Cultural Heritage Site in 1993. From the white walls made of white plaster, it is known as "Shirasagi Castle" and looks down on the city in an elegant manner.
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Kobe Harborland

pic_dummy.pngAn entertainment zone surrounded by sparkling sea, refreshing sea breeze and greenery. This is a place where you can experience "Kobe, a port city" as you can hang out while looking out the sea, with abundant large-scale complex facilities such as shopping, gourmet food, movie theaters and amusement spaces. Also, the glittering nights with lights and illuminations are not to be missed!
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