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Okinawa Prefecture is attractive for its subtropical climate and traditional culture. Spectacular view of nature that cannot be found on the mainland of Japan, marine sports on the beach etc., are ways to enjoy the nature here. You can relax with resort-feeling under a laid-back climate.

Climate (temperature / precipitation)



Source:Japan Metrogical Agency

It has a mild climate throughout the year. Due to the wind blowing from the sea, it rarely becomes a hot day with daily temperature higher than 35℃ even in summer.

Cost of living


Foods recommended by locals

Soki Soba

pic_dummy.pngThe soup stock is bonito-pork based. Noodle is made from wheat flour and is eaten with soki (sweet and spicy pork spare ribs).

Goya Chanpuru

pic_dummy.pngStir-fry bitter gourd (bitter melon) with Shimadofu and pork. This dish is also widely popular as an izakaya dish. ※ Chanpuru is an Okinawan word for stir-fried food.

Famous places / spots recommended by locals

Okinawa Churaumi Aquarium

pic_dummy.pngWhale sharks, manta rays and hordes of small fish create a powerful view in the world's largest aquarium. There are plenty of ways to know the fascination of Okinawa's sea, such as shows presented by sea creatures!
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Nago pineappale park

pic_dummy.pngIt is a theme park where you can fully enjoy tropical fruits such as pineapple. The park is full of nature, including roads surrounded by coconut trees, pine fields and subtropical forests with banana trees. Don't miss the wide variety of limited products from this Pineapple Park in the shopping corner.
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