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It is a prefecture with a thriving agriculture and fishery industry with a laid-back rural landscape. World famous Arita Yaki (porcelain) and high-quality foods such as seaweed from Arita Sea are attractive. In addition, there are many attractions such as hot springs and festivals for you to laid-back and to relax.

Climate (temperature / precipitation)



Source:Japan Metrogical Agency

The average annual temperature is around 16℃, which is a mild climate. Humidity is high throughout the year because it faces the sea. In winter, instead of latitude, the temperature is low and it will even get colder.

Cost of living


Foods recommended by locals

Takezaki crab

pic_dummy.pngIt is said that the best time to taste Takezaki crab is from summer to autumn. However, the female crab with Uchiko in winter is also delicious. Takezaki crab is eaten throughout the year.

Slices of a living squid

pic_dummy.pngIt is transparent and has a melting texture with plenty of sweetness. There are about 4 to 5 types of squid; thus, you can taste different squid in each different season, and you are able to enjoy delicious squid throughout the year.

Famous places / spots recommended by locals

Yoshinogari Historical Park

pic_dummy.pngYou can learn about the history of Japan at the area that reappearancing the forest in Yayoi period and at the exhibition hall that reappearancing the people life at that time
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pic_dummy.pngThe terraced rice fields, which have been passed down for hundreds of years, are piled up on the slopes, reflecting the scenery of nature. Especially at the time of rice planting, the setting sun is dyed orange, and there is no doubt that you will be impressed by the formative art drawn by the sea, paddy fields and ridges.
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