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Yamagata Prefecture is a "hot spring kingdom" where hot springs spring out in all municipalities, a "fruit tree kingdom" where fruits such as cherries grow in each season, and a "food kingdom" blessed with mountain products, village products, and seafood. The rich nature that changes along with the seasons, beautiful mountains such as Zao and the Mogami River, attracts visitors. In addition, it is a prefecture that boasts a spirit of compassion and a spirit of service that helps and supports each other.

Climate (temperature / precipitation)



Source:Japan Metrogical Agency

The climate of Yamagata Prefecture is roughly divided into coastal areas and inland areas. The difference in temperature between summer and winter is large, and the four seasons are clear. One of the great attractions of Yamagata is to enjoy different flowers and foods in each season.

Cost of living


Foods recommended by locals


pic_dummy.pngThe cherries that boast the highest production in Japan. The lustrous ruby-colored fruit is just like a jewel. In early summer, which is the peak season, cherry picking is popular.


pic_dummy.pngBoil taro root, beef, green onions, konjac, etc. at the riverbank, surrounding the pot in the Imoni party, is an autumn tradition. At the "Japan's No. 1 Imo-boiled Festival" held in September every year, about 30,000 meals are cooked in a large pot with a diameter of about 6.5 meters and and is served to customers.

Famous places / spots recommended by locals


pic_dummy.pngYamadera where Basho Matsuo left behind the phrase "the voice of a cicada that penetrates into a quiet rock." The mountain was opened in 860 AD, and many historic buildings are lined up beside the stone steps that climb while looking up at the towering strange rocks and the aging cedar grove. You can enjoy the best view of Yamadera from Godaido that you have climbed.
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pic_dummy.pngMt. Haguro, Mt. Yudono, and Mt. Gassan are known as Dewasanzan, is one of the leading mountains for Shugendo in Japan. Among them, on the summit of Mt. Haguro, there is a shrine that enshrines the gods of the three mountains, and the stone steps from the entrance of the approach to the summit are 2446 steps, which is one of the largest in Japan. On the approach road, there are Jijisugi, which is over 1000 years old, and the five-storied pagoda, the oldest national treasure in Tohoku, creating a sacred atmosphere.
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pic_dummy.pngYou can concentrate for studying with Yamagata's rich in beautiful nature where are quiet and relaxing. Welcome to Yamagata !