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Life in Japan

Living Cost and Price

Prices in Japan

Prices of major products

Products Price
Rice (5 kg) 1,972 yen
Bread (1 kg) 479 yen
Milk (1,000 ml) 212 yen
Eggs (10 eggs) 227 yen
Apples (1 kg) 847 yen
Cabbage (1 kg) 146 yen
Carbonated drink (1 liter) 195 yen
Hamburger 214 yen
Gasoline (1 liter) 170 yen
Toilet paper (1,000 m) 695 yen
Hair cut 3,658 yen
Taxi (4 km) 1,519 yen

Source: the Portal Site of Official Statistics of Japan(the Retail Price Survey : as of August 2022)

Living Costs in Japan

The estimated monthly living expenses for international students are as follows. The cost of living in metropolitan areas such as Tokyo is higher than in rural areas. As for housing costs, the national average housing cost is 38,000 yen, while Tokyo's is 50,000 yen. Also, in metropolitan areas, it is difficult to rent apartments or other facilities near schools, so commuting to school tends to be expensive.



Source: 2021 Lifestyle Survey of Privately-Financed International Students (JASSO)