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Joint Company Informational Session for International Students (JETRO)

【Calling all international students: 】

JETRO, an independent administrative organization, will be holding the“JETRO Online Job Fair.”(Admission is free.)

Event dates:
 October 24 (Saturday) and 31 (Saturday), November 7 (Saturday)
Target participants:
(1)Students graduating from a university/graduate school in March 2021
(2)Those who have already graduated from a university/graduate school in Japan or abroad

60 small- and medium-sized enterprises in Japan keen on hiring international students will be participating in the job fair and giving an overview of their company over Zoom.

This is a valuable opportunity for those who plan to work in Japan or are considering working in Japan, to listen to company representatives’various opinions. If you fit into either one of these groups, we welcome you to attend this event.

(Details)JETRO ONLINE JOB FAIR – Online Joint Company Informational Session for Outstanding Foreign Students