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Notice to high the school students who wish to obtain an Associate Degree in Engineering.

JASSO Malaysia Office will be collaborating with the National Institute of Technology, Japan (NIT) to introduce to you their special course for students who aspire to be creative, practical and professional engineers.

  • Date: 18 December 2020 (Friday)
  • Time: 4pm – 5pm
  • Language: English
  • Target audience: For high school students who wish to obtain an Associate Degree in Engineering (e.g. SPM, STPM, UEC, IGCSE and equivalent qualifications)
  • Registration link:

The National Institute of Technology, Japan, provides a unique and successful higher-education system at their 51 Colleges of Technology (KOSEN, 55 Campuses, including 5 Colleges of Maritime Technology).

Characteristics of KOSEN:

  • Practical and professional engineering education (international students will enter from the 3rd year of the Regular Course)
  • A wide variety of career courses available after graduation from Regular Course:
    • Work in desired field (Approximately 99% of KOSEN graduates get jobs in their field of study)
    • Top-up two years for a Bachelor’s degree (Advanced Course or transfer to 3rd year in university)
  • Each college has a large campus comparable to a university and has a good learning environment
  • Equipped with high-spec research facilities so students can conduct experiments and hone their practical skills using the latest equipment
  • More than 80% of faculty members hold the highest degree in their research field
  • Cooperation with industry through internships and other co-op education programs
  • Inter-college competitions such as Robot Contest, Programming Contest and Design Contest
  • Student dormitories provided at all colleges

Join us for the opportunity to know more about KOSEN and talk to alumnus about their experience!

Download the guidebook to get more information on their education system: KOSEN Guidebook

KOSEN Website: