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”International Student EXPO" in Osaka and YouTube

"International Student EXPO” will be held in Osaka.

The International Student Expo is organized by the Osaka Global Student Support Organization whose secretariat is inside the Osaka Convention & Tourism Bureau.

The Expo was created from 16 plans of action and support strategies aiming to make Osaka the city with the most satisfied international students in Asia by 2030.


SiteMyDome Osaka 3F E Hall   

 ※Live streaming is available.

Joint fee: freepre-entry

Sponsored by: Executive Committee of the International Student EXPO

This is an event that international students interact with Japanese students, and have attractive experiences such as Japanese traditional culture.

In addition, international students might be able to get a solution related to concerns about life in Japan.

For more information, please check the site below.

International Student EXPO (

For participants in Osaka ※Japanese only

How to join online event ※Japanese only