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Planning studies in Japan

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Japanese Government (MEXT) Scholarship Students

Recipients of Japanese government (MEXT) scholarships are called "government-sponsored international students" and are eligible for scholarships, educational expenses, and travel expenses.

Privately-Financed International Students

International students other than government-sponsored students are called "privately-financed international students." Various scholarships are also available to privately-financed international students.

Degree Programs in English

With the globalization of Japanese universities, universities and graduate schools have created degree programs that allow students to earn degrees solely in English, where Japanese language study is not a barrier.

Short-term Study Programs

These are programs in which students do not necessarily pursue a degree, but rather study at a university or other institution in another country or region for one semester or multiple semesters, generally within one academic year, to earn credits or receive research guidance for the purpose of learning, experiencing different cultures, acquiring language skills, etc.

University Transfer Programs

Students can also study in Japan through the university transfer system and programs.