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FAQ For International Students in Japan

FAQ For International Students in Japan

I need information on international students' status of residence and residence card.
How do I arrange housing?
What should I do if I change schools or places of residence?
In what case will I need to change my status of residence?

You will need to change your status of residence if you conduct activities falling under a different status of residence. Specifically in the following cases, international students need to change their residence status of "College Student" to another type of status. In any such case, the local immigration office will accept your application for Permission for Change of Status of Residence with payment of the required application fee. Check with the website of Immigration Services Agency of Japan regarding documents required for the application.

Reference: Change of Status of Residence (Article 20 of Immigration Control and Refugee Recognition Act)

1) You found a job in Japan

You must apply for Permission for Change of Status of Residence from "College Student" for employment purposes after you graduate and before you start working. There are several types of status of residence for work. They include the statuses of residence of "Engineer," "Specialist in Humanities/International Services," "Researcher," "Investor/Business Manager" for those who run their own companies, and "Instructor" for those who teach at Japanese elementary or junior high school.

2) You wish to continue job hunting after graduation

You will be allowed to stay and continue job hunting in Japan for a maximum of one year after you graduate with a degree. In such a case, you must change your status of residence to "Designated Activities" with a period of stay of six months, in principle, and one extension will be permitted. Furthermore, you need a letter of recommendation from your school in order to continue job hunting after graduation. Consult your school if you wish to continue job hunting in Japan.

3) You wish to continue activities to start your own company after graduation

Those who wish to conduct activities to start their own companies after they graduate can continue their activities for a maximum of six months. For the procedure in detail, refer to the following website.

Reference: Change in the Status of Residence to "Specific Activities" (for Job Hunting or Start-up of Own Business of College Students after Graduation, etc.), announced by the Ministry of Justice

Is it possible to extend the period of stay?
Can I work part-time in Japan with the status of residence of College Student or Pre-college Student?
Can I start job hunting or conduct internship activities while studying in Japan?

Recently, there are an increasing number of international students experiencing internship activities at companies, etc. before they graduate. An internship is an opportunity where students as interns will experience on-the-job training at companies, etc. for a fixed, limited period of time.
Check with your school regarding the availability of an internship system while you are enrolled.
Furthermore, like Japanese students, there are an increasing number of international students going job hunting and finding jobs in Japan.

Can I travel outside of Japan during school breaks, etc.?
Do I need to apply for health insurance and non-life insurance?
Can I apply for a scholarship extension or new scholarship while I study in Japan?

If you wish to extend your scholarship while studying in Japan, consult with the school or the scholarship organizer.
You can apply for a new scholarship. The application deadline and eligibility period of a scholarship varies with each scholarship organizer. Consult your school as early as possible.