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FAQ For Former International Students

FAQ For Former International Students

What should I be aware of when graduating from a school?

Clean up your accommodation:

Before you move out of your accommodation, especially if you are moving back to your home country, be sure to clean up your room and have your landlord examine the room when you terminate your lease. Make sure that you settle your water and electricity bill, as well as the telephone bill, especially the bill for international calls.

Short-term stay after graduation:

If you need to stay for a little while after graduation to prepare for the trip back to your own country, please consult the regional immigration bureau closest to where you live:

Tell me about job hunting in Japan.
How do I change my status of residence if I am hired by a Japanese company to work in Japan?

If you start working in April, the application to change your status of residence for the purpose of employment will most likely be accepted by the immigration bureau from around February of the same year. Permission is never granted on the spot. In most cases, your application will be stamped with "processing," so if you would like to go back to your own country temporarily before you begin your job, make sure that you time your application correctly.

Reference: Documents to be submitted

  1. Change in status of residence application form
  2. Letter of reason
  3. Certificate of graduation from your university (Certificate of prospect to graduate also accepted)
  4. Resume
  5. A copy of the employment contract
  6. Document showing the definite outline of the employer such as a copy of the company registration, balance sheet and profit and loss statement (1 year business plan for the coming year for new companies)
  7. Self-addressed stamped envelope
  8. Other
What kind of follow-up care is available to international students after they return to their own countries?

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs supports foreign students after they have returned to their home country through the following measures:

Support of Japan alumni association activities:

In countries where foreign students who have returned to their own countries have established Japan alumni associations, the Ministry supports gatherings and various other events, and provides financial assistance for expenses needed for the creation and distribution of meeting reports and rosters.
If you want to know whether your country has a Japan alumni association or want to know how to contact them, please refer to the List of Japan Alumni Associations page:
If your country doesn't have a Japan alumni association but you would like to start one, please contact the nearest Japanese diplomatic establishments.

If I need to explain Japanese education system and qualifications upon application to further study or employment in countries other than Japan, where can I refer to?

NIC-Japan website provides authoritative and accurate information on Japanese higher education system and qualifications.

National Information Center for Academic Recognition Japan (NIC-Japan)